What do ceramides do and do I need it?

Ceramides are actually fats (lipids) naturally present in the skin. They support your skin barrier and keep your skin hydrated. Without ceramides, your skin is dry and irritated and can get itchy. It also keeps the skin strong and protects your skin from outside influences. Because it is indigenous to the body, it is also very suitable when you have sensitive skin.

Products that contain ceramide often have a richer structure. You will notice that after using a product with ceramides your skin is more resilient and retains moisture better. Do you suffer from dry skin? Or wrinkles and fine lines? Then a product with ceramides is definitely not to be missed. So do you want firm, hydrated and supple skin? Then go for ceramides in your skincare.

Ceramide and aging skin

As the skin ages, it makes less ceramides. This results in dry and sensitive skin and will make fine lines and wrinkles more visible. By using a cream with ceramide, the moisture content of your skin is brought back into balance. The result is a healthy and fresh appearance.

Which products contain ceramides?

You can see in the ingredients list of every skincare product whether it contains ceramides. This is listed as: ceramide but also ingredients such as: phytosphingosine and sphingosine are ceramides. Generally the familiar term of Ceramide is used on the ingredients list, sometimes with an addition of: AP, EOP, NG, NP or NS.

At Boozyshop, we have a wide range of products that contain ceramide. Like the Ceramide Moisturizer which you can use daily and the Ceramide Concentrate Serum for a boost while you sleep.

Are you unsure about a product or need advice? Talk to us via chat or email and our skincare experts will be happy to help you make the right choice.