Tips for full natural lips!

Beautiful full lips? Yes please! Preferably without a syringe? We have the solution! Here are our tips for fuller lips:

1. Scrub

Scrub your lips very gently with a lip scrub. Your dry and rough lips will disappear like snow in the sun. A lip scrub removes dead skin cells from your lips and it stimulates blood flow. You will notice that your lips feel irresistibly soft, get a subtle red color and slightly fuller eyes. Do you already know the Boozyshop Watermelon Lip Scrub ? This one smells wonderfully like watermelon and it's a beautiful pink color!


2. Lip Plumper

The tip for full lips is: use a lip plumper! Due to the special ingredients in a lip plumper, your blood vessels in your lips are dilated. This will give a tingling effect, but don't worry! These lip plumpers temporarily give your lips a fuller effect. In addition to regular clear lip plumpers, there are also plumpers with a color. This way you have a 2 in 1 effect!


3. Lip liner

This may sound a bit crazy, but with a lip liner you can also make your lips look fuller. Find a color that matches your lipstick and put your line just outside your own lip line. Make sure you don't exaggerate too much, it must of course remain realistic. Most people still have a thin, white border around their lips before your skin color comes. You can use this white edge perfectly as a guideline!


4. Lip Gloss

Have you applied a nice lipstick , but want to make your lips look a little bigger? Then apply a little bit of lip gloss in the middle of your lower and upper lip. In this way you accentuate the widest part of your lips and that is exactly what you want!


With these tips you can make your lips look bigger! No more expensive treatments or scary needles needed, handy! If you have any questions, or can't you choose between all the beautiful things on our site? Feel free to ask your question via the live chat!