Snail slime a miracle for your skin?!?

Snail slime for your's been on the rise for a while, but lately it's a bit more tempo than we're used to from snails ;-). Snail slime is praised as an effective remedy for wrinkles, scars, pigmentation spots, acne and is said to be super moisturizing. But is snail slime really such a miracle for your skin? Let's find out!

Snail slime on your face...who came up with this?

Let's go back in time. Snail slime was already used by the Greeks and Romans as a medicine for wounds. If a Greek adonis had an infection, he would just let a snail crawl on it!
But it only became popular later in Chile by "snail farmers". They noticed that their skin became very soft from working with snails. And so a cream with snail slime was developed.

What is in snail slime?

Snail slime does indeed contain a number of skin-promoting "ingredients", namely:

  • allantoin
  • collagen
  • elastin
  • glycolic acid
  • Vitamin A, C and E

In the snails, the slime acts as a lubricant for locomotion, as an adhesive to adhere to surfaces, as protection against dehydration, diseases and enemies, and for the repair of their damaged skin or shell.

If it has all these qualities for saving its own skin, why shouldn't it work for us too?

So what does it do for our skin?

The Chilean farmers had already discovered that it makes your skin soft, so that's one thing. The slime of the snail is used for cosmetic products. It secretes a mucus containing antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, proteoglycans, antimicrobials and copper peptides. This stimulates the formation of collagen, elastin and it minimizes damage from free radicals that cause skin aging and thus helps to reduce visible wrinkles and fine lines . In addition, snail slime has a moisturizing, antioxidant and restorative effect.

Do we have an answer to the question "Snail slime a miracle for your skin?!?"?
Yes dear people, this stuff keeps us looking young!

Boozyshop, do you also have snail slime?

Of course we do! Take a look at the products of COSRX , iUnik and Benton . And if you have any questions about this blog, your skin, skincare (routine), please contact us via chat or email! We are happy to help you!