Must-haves to take with you on vacation

The holiday season has started! woohoo! Have you already booked your holiday and are you already counting down? Before that, you will of course have a packing list of everything you need to take with you on holiday and to make it a little easier for you, I have also made a top 3 with indispensable products for you.

1. Sunscreen

The all time number 1 must-have on your packing list is of course sunscreen / tanning oil. Without these fine products you burn enormously and that is something we would rather not want, right?! With a sunscreen or tanning oil you protect your skin against the sun's rays, but at the same time you build up a wonderful tan. We have a wide choice of products and there is a suitable product for everyone.

Handy too! Many SPF products now come in mini format so that you can easily take them with you everywhere!


2. Travel sets & Travel cases

Indispensable to take all your stuff with you, handy travel sets and cases! With the super nice travel sets from Kitsch you can take your products with you on holiday in style and you don't have to take large packaging with you. That saves space and weight in your suitcase ;-)

In addition, a nice travel case is also indispensable, so you can take your brushes and make-up everywhere without breaking them. Ideal! View our wide range of travel cases here

3. Minis

When I go on holiday myself, I prefer to take as much as possible with my ''own'' care products, but these are often large packages and that means more weight in my suitcase, which I prefer to spend on my clothes. That's why I love minis! I have them at home as standard so that I can always pack them quickly as soon as I leave. This way I always have my favorite products with me on holiday without it taking up a lot of space :-)

Would you also like to take minis with you? Check out our travel essentials page and get started!