How to: Apply Concealer

Concealer, what exactly should you do with it. Do you apply it under or above your foundation? Where do you apply it and what color should you use? In this blog you will get answers to all your concealer questions!

Different colors of concealer

In addition to the regular skin-colored concealer, you also have colored concealers. One yellow, green, purple and one orange to be exact. These color correcting concealers are there to hide bags and red spots!

The yellow and the orange concealer are against bags under the eyes. If your bags have a purple undertone, yellow is the perfect match, if they have a blue undertone, an orange concealer is better. Do you suffer from red spots? Then put on some green concealer to make them invisible! Then you also have purple concealer, which makes yellow discolorations disappear like snow in the sun.

These color combos work because the colors are opposite of each other. If you mix yellow with purple, you get a skin-colored shade. This is the same as mixing blue with orange, red with green and purple with yellow.

When camouflaging, do not use super bright colors, because later a green or orange glow can be seen through your foundation. Always apply the colored concealers before your foundation. Otherwise you will end up with all kinds of crazy colored spots on your face ;). Apply the product with a small concealer brush. It really only needs to be applied to the red or dark spots, using too much is just a waste. A handy tip is also to apply a little powder over the corrector, this ensures even better that you do not blend it with the foundation.


Then apply your foundation. Preferably do this with a make-up sponge. Dab the foundation on your skin with the sponge, so that the concealer underneath does not shift. When your foundation is completely on, you can get started with the skin-colored concealer. Make sure it is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your foundation color. That's the perfect color to keep it natural!

Skin-colored concealer

Apply the concealer in triangles under your eyes, this gives a nice lifting effect! If you apply the concealer in half moons, it will do nothing for the rest of your face. You can also apply concealer on the places where you also apply highlighter. For example in the T-zone, under your eyebrows and on your chin. When you have applied concealer in all the desired places, blend everything nicely with a make-up sponge. When you have done that you will see that your dark circles and red spots are no longer visible and you will have a 100% flawless skin!