How do you use an exfoliant?

An exfoliant, you've probably heard about it before, but… what does it do exactly? I understand that you have questions as there is often a lot of complicated information on the internet. I would like to explain to you what an exfoliant is and when you should use it.

What is exfoliation?

Using an exfoliant is an important step in your skincare routine. An exfoliant removes dead skin cells from your top layer of skin. Because you make new skin cells every day, they accumulate more and more. If you don't remove your dead skin cells properly, they stay on your skin, as it were. Dead skin cells then clog your pores and that can lead to acne and dull skin. That's not what we want, right!?

But, what's the biggest benefit of using an exfoliant? After use you will notice that your skin feels smoother and looks more even. Can actually be explained logically: those dead skin cells have disappeared! An exfoliant is effective for every skin and single skin problem: dry skin, acne, pigmentation spots or do you suffer from wrinkles? Exfoliate!


What types of exfoliants are there?

There are different types of exfoliants and I would like to explain the difference between them. This way you will know exactly which exfoliant to buy!

Physical exfoliant: This type of exfoliant will probably look the most familiar to you, because this is the well-known scrub! You often use these on your body such as your legs and arms, but there are also special ones for your face. A scrub is a formula enriched with granules in it that remove all dead skin cells.

Enzymatic exfoliant: If you suffer from sensitive skin, this exfoliant is perfect for you! This is a very gentle variant that naturally dissolves your dead skin cells. Enzymes can often be found in a serum or moisturizer and often come from fruits like papaya and pineapple. These formulas have a liquid texture and are quickly absorbed into your skin. Give your skin time to get used to this exfoliant, but after a while you will definitely see a difference!

Chemical exfoliant: This is the most common exfoliant in skincare. A chemical exfoliant works with acids, which are absorbed by your skin. Because the acids penetrate so deeply into your skin, your skin cells will renew faster and dead skin cells disappear like snow in the sun. This will make your skin feel firmer and fine lines will become less visible! A chemical exfoliant is also often referred to as a peel because it literally removes the top layer of your skin. Say goodbye to those clogged pores and impurities!

How do you use an exfoliant?

It is important to clean your skin well beforehand, so that the exfoliant can do its job well. You remove your make-up and cleanse your skin extra with the Boozyshop Salicylic Acid Cleanser. Then you let the exfoliant do its job: you get to work with your scrub or let the serum absorb well.

You can use an exfoliant as often as needed, but build up to it gently so your skin can get used to it. For example, start with once a week. Do you not suffer from irritations such as a burning sensation or redness? Then you can start using the exfoliant more often, for example 3 times a week.

Benefits of an exfoliant

That was a lot of information, but did you know that there are even more benefits to exfoliating your skin? Yes, really: read on!

  • Red spots, acne or dull skin? An exfoliant will remove all bacteria and dead skin cells so that your pores are less likely to clog. The result of this is a radiant and even skin!
  • Oh no wrinkles! Are your first fine lines starting to show through? Then an exfoliant is your new best friend! Because new skin cells are created faster, your skin will become firmer and your fine lines will become less visible.
  • Suffering from rough skin? An exfoliant can help you with that! Because your top layer of skin is completely cleaned, your skin will feel incredibly soft.
  • A self-tan lover? Use a good scrub before applying your self tanner. By removing dead skin cells, you get the most even complexion and your tan lasts longer.

Any questions about your skin care?

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