How do I get whiter teeth?

How do I get whiter teeth?

We all want a radiant smile, white teeth, and well-groomed teeth. But how do you get those white teeth? Of course, it is essential to brush your teeth well, not to smoke, and not to drink too much coffee and wine. In addition, it is important to drink water after every meal and use good toothpaste.

Okay, maybe you already do all this, but you still want even whiter teeth. Oh yes, and preferably without having to go to the dentist. I mean, nobody likes to do that, right? Fortunately, at Boozyshop, we have a lovely range of products to whiten your teeth without peroxide. This way, you don't have to be that you suffer from sensitive teeth, and you can get that radiant white smile familiarly and quickly.


Are you going for whitening strips, a whitening kit, or a whitening pen?

There are different ways to whiten your teeth; strips, kits, and pens make your teeth up to 8 shades lighter.

If you want the best results, go for a Whitening Kit, a simple, safe, and effective way to whiten your teeth using LED light technology. Your teeth are whiter when using a mouthguard with whitening gels and an LED light. It may look crazy when you have the mouthguard in your mouth with the light, but it works!

White teeth with whitening strips

the Mr. Bright Teeth Whitening Strips are ideal if you don't have too much time to whiten your teeth or don't have the patience for it. It may feel a bit crazy, and talking is a bit difficult, but the whitening strips are super easy to apply. You will see immediate results after 10 minutes. Use these strips for 14 days in a row, and you will see that your teeth are up to 8 shades lighter in just two weeks.

Are you looking for the fastest way to whiten your teeth? Then go for a whitening pen. Application takes only 30 seconds of your time, and after 10 minutes, you already have radiant white teeth. You can use the whitening pen for 4 to 6 weeks. After two weeks, you will notice that your teeth are shades lighter.

Tip for white teeth

Ensure that you do not eat or drink for a few hours after whitening your teeth for optimal results. Combining these whitening products is also essential to use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. That way, you have the best effect. Are you in doubt, or do you need advice for radiant white teeth? Talk to us in the chat, and we will be happy to help you.