How do I apply blush?

Let's talk about blush baby!

A blush is a great way to add a subtle touch to your look. By applying blush in the right way, you can look just that little bit fresher or more sparkly. It can give that extra touch to your look! It is of course very important that you apply the blush in the right way.

What types of blush are there?

It is smart to first see what kind of blush you can best use. Blushes come in different types. You have blush in powder form and in cream form.

It is then important to first see what skin type you have. If you have normal or oily skin, it is good to go for a powder blush.

If you have dry skin, a cream blush can be very nice. You can blend this nicely into your skin.

Also pay close attention to the undertone of your skin when choosing your blush. For cool skin, pinks and reds with a cool/blue undertone are very suitable. With warmer skin, golden and peachy colors will look great!

How do you apply the blush?

Choose a good blush brush to apply your blush! The thicker the brush is, the more blush it contains. Don't forget to tap your brush before applying the blush.

What shape is your face? This is important to see how best to apply your blush:

Full/round face shape

Apply the blush to the outside of your apples and sweep towards the top of the ear. A good guideline to follow is between the contour and the highlighter.

Angular Face Shape

Start on the apples of the cheeks. Again, swipe towards the top of the ear. This time you just pull the blush a little less far.

Long/thin face shape

Start on the apples of the cheeks. You emphasize this the most. You start with a circular motion on the apples and then swipe in a straight line towards the center of your ear.

The following applies to all three face shapes: try not to put too much blush on your makeup brush and apply the blush loosely. You can always build up your color further.

If you are not sure which color suits you best, please contact one of our makeup artists via chat! They will be happy to monitor you and give you advice.

Time to shine! Now that you know how to apply your blush like a pro, you're ready to go!

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