How can I make my nose look smaller?

Do you always see those girls with perfectly narrow noses on Instagram and do you want this too? Then keep reading! We give you the tips & tricks to make your nose appear optically smaller.

What do you need?

To make your nose look smaller you need a contour palette and a highlighter . You can opt for contour cream or powder, whichever you prefer. To apply the contour it is convenient to use brushes. You need 2 makeup brushes for the best results. Go for a small contour brush and a blending brush. Here you will find all contour brushes.

How should you contour?

Contouring your nose means creating shadows. You do this by putting stripes on the sides of your nose bridge. They provide the illusion of a narrower nose. Also, apply a little to the bottom of your nose if you want to make your nose appear shorter. Now it is important to blur the hard lines well with your blending blush. Keep circling gently until the hard streaks are gone and the result looks natural.

As a finishing touch, place a dot of highlighter on the tip of your nose. The highlighter ensures that the emphasis is on the middle part of your nose, making your nose appear narrower!


All about contours

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