All about different skin types

At Boozyshop we have a wide choice of skincare , so much so that I understand that you are sometimes lost. The most important thing with skincare is that the product suits your skin type and that it solves any skin problems. But how do you know what kind of skin type you have? Don't worry, I'll be happy to explain that to you!

What skin types are there?

Your skin type is determined by two factors: genetic predisposition and the condition of your skin. You (unfortunately) have no influence on your genetic predisposition, but you can influence the condition of your skin. This is in fact determined by hormones, diet, climate and stress. There are five different skin types, namely:

- Normal skin
- Dry skin
- Oily skin
- Mixed skin
- Sensitive skin

What is my skin type?

Now of course the big question is, what is my skin type? Once you know this, you can shop for the right skincare in a much more targeted way! I would like to explain the different skin types for you below:

Normal skin
We speak of normal skin if the complexion of your skin is even without blemishes and your pores are small. You have no shiny or dry spots on your skin, but a healthy glow.

Dry skin
You have dry skin when your pores are barely visible to the naked eye and your skin feels uncomfortable. You often suffer from "tight" skin and there are dry spots with sometimes flaking present on your face.

Fat skin
Oily skin is the exact opposite of dry skin. Your pores are clearly visible because they are often much larger than with normal skin. You suffer from a greasy layer on your skin, especially the T-zone is often greasy. In addition, with an oily skin you also more often suffer from pimples and blackheads.

Mixed skin
Do you suffer from dry and oily zones on your skin? Chances are you have mixed or combination skin . You often suffer from an oily T-zone, but the rest of your face contains dry spots.

Sensitive skin
Does your skin react quickly and sometimes violently to sun/UV rays, changes in the weather, perfume, or certain skincare products? Then you most likely have sensitive skin . Sensitive skin reacts violently to the above influences and sometimes has a tightness and burning sensation.

Do external factors affect my skin?

Yes, of course! Did you know that your heating and air conditioning affect your skin? A room in which the heating and/or air conditioning is always on has a drying effect on your skin. Open a window every now and then, which is good for your health, skin and (a bonus ;-)) concentration. Then you have nutrition, chemical influences of certain products, lifestyle, stress... Those are quite a few factors to take into account, you think! If you suffer from skin problems, it is indeed important to check with yourself when it started and what could be the cause. Then you can work on that and also use skincare that is suitable for your skin (condition).

Would you like appropriate advice about which skincare suits you? Then contact our specialists via chat! We are happy to help you with a flawless skin!