Best products for combination skin

Combination or combination skin is the most common skin type. As the name of this skin type indicates, combination skin is a combination of 2 different skin types. Certain areas of the skin are in this case normal to dry, while other areas of the skin can be shiny and even very oily. Treating combination skin can be tricky because in this case your skin has the care and treatment of 2 different skin types. But here we give you the right tips for taking care of your skin type.

Suffering from a greasy T-zone

A sensitive area of combination skin is the skin in the T-zone. By the T-zone we mean the forehead, chin and nose. If you have combination skin, the T-zone is often the area where you suffer from oily skin.

Combination skin goes away as you get older

Combination skin is not necessarily permanent. This is especially a skin type when you are younger. The different skin types will adapt to each other during your life. It may also be the case that these do not adapt to each other, in which case your skin will probably become a bit drier. Your skin generally gets a lot drier as you get older.

Clean your skin up to 2 times a day

If you have combination skin, it is important to choose a product that restores the moisture balance. Cleaning your face daily is an important part. In the T-zone you have to ensure that the skin becomes less oily, while you do not want to lose moisture in the drier places. The golden tip: Don't clean your skin more than twice a day, otherwise the sensitive skin areas will only dry out more. It is best to clean your skin once in the morning and in the evening with a mild cleansing. Take a look here for the best cleansing products for combination skin.

Prevent too dry but also too oily skin

If you suffer from combination skin, you should make sure that the areas with oily skin do not become excessively oily. And the areas with dry skin are not too dry but just sufficiently hydrated. By choosing a suitable serum or cream you prevent skin irritation and a very tight feeling. Place the greatest emphasis of care on the T-zone. What also helps with combination skin is taking a steam bath, not only very nice and relaxing but also super good for your skin type. In this way, the pores open and the fat is released from the skin. Make sure that you add enough moisture to your skin.

Masks for combination skin

Apply a mask once in a while, depending on the mask you can add it to your skincare routine once a week. With a mask you can ensure that your pores shrink and your skin remains sufficiently hydrated. So give your skin an extra boost today by shopping your favorite mask at Boozyshop!

Do you have any questions or need advice about your skin type?

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