Beauty of Joseon

Whoohoo It's here! Beauty of Joseon!
This beautiful K-Beauty brand now shines on our website and we are so proud to be able to sell Beauty of Joseon products!

Beauty of Joseon

You may be wondering where did this name come from? I picked that up for you! The name is a descendant of the Joseon dynasty, which was an important period in Korean history that lasted for centuries. Korea's elite joined this ''way of thinking''. It basically means focusing on beautiful, healthy skin rather than an overabundance of makeup and embellishments.

So are you ready for less makeup and embellishments? Then Beauty of Joseon might be your brand!

Favorite products

The offer is endless, but at Boozshop we only have the bestsellers in the range! This makes the choice easier for you ;-)

I am a huge fan of Ginseng Essence Water myself. This toner gives my skin a fresh and clean feeling without it pulling or sticking. My skin is quite sensitive but this toner is super good! This toner contains 80% ginseng root water and ginseng complex which remedy dry skin. This toner also contains niacinamide and adenosine that counteract wrinkles and reduce sebum secretion.

Then I close my routine with the Green Tea + Panthenol serum. This serum soothes my skin and gives it a mega hydration boost! It really gives me a nice glow.


Where to buy?

Of course at Boozyshop! Are you, like me, a fan of Beauty of Joseon or would you like to give it a try? Buy this fine brand at Boozyshop! When you order more than €30 you can choose a gift with your order and it will be packed in a pink box! How fun is that?!

Do you have any questions? Talk to our toppers in the chat and they will be happy to help you.