What is the difference between baking, setting and fixing powder?

You will probably see the terms setting powder , baking powder and fixing powder often. But, what is the difference between these powders..?

What is the difference between these powders?

A setting powder lives up to its name: it sets your make-up , as it were. After you have applied your foundation , you apply a setting powder all over your face so that your base stays where it belongs. A setting powder prevents your foundation from settling into lines or from staining.


A baking powder is actually the same as a setting powder. It is called differently, because the technique of applying the powder can differ. With beacon , you apply a thick layer of powder to your skin, which you leave on for a few minutes. So, a baking powder also ensures that your make-up stays in place all day long, without drawing into the lines!


And then finally we have the Fixing Powder. Perhaps not surprising anymore: but this powder also ensures that your make-up stays on like a house. You even have waterproof versions of this powder, so that you can brave a rain shower without effort.


The difference is...

Actually nothing! Everyone calls the powder differently, but we all mean the same thing: a powder that you apply over foundation to prevent your makeup from smudging or settling into lines.


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