What is a concealer and how do I apply a concealer?

It is of course super annoying when you have a bad night's sleep, the next morning you are confronted with those dark circles and bags under your eyes. But even if you have slept well, you can wake up with a pimple or various skin imperfections. Fortunately, there is a concealer !

Use a concealer

The answer to all these common problems is very simple, use a concealer. A concealer is often confused with a foundation , only these are 2 completely different products. A concealer is a product especially for getting rid of certain imperfections in your face. Unlike foundation.


Where do you apply the concealer?

Apply Concealer to that annoying pimple, your dark circles, various skin imperfections or on your bags under the eyes. It is important that you apply concealer to clean skin to prevent bacteria. When you use a color corrector concealer , apply the concealer under your foundation. When you use a concealer in the complexion of your skin, apply it after you have applied the foundation. You can easily apply it with a few dots and then blend it out with a soft brush . By going over the concealer again with your warm fingers, you blend the concealer well into the skin, so that it stays in place even longer and better.


Choose the right concealer

Make no mistake! The perfect color concealer for your pimple is not the perfect concealer for your dark circles. To camouflage dark circles, it is best to opt for creamy concealer. But to get rid of your pimple, it is better to choose a somewhat drier concealer with a covering structure. Choose a color that is close to your own skin color, it may be a little bit lighter. But be careful! Because when you choose a concealer that is too light and then apply it to your dark circles, you get the exact opposite effect. Choosing a color that is too dark is also not a good idea.


How do I apply the concealer

Applying concealer can be done in many different ways. Many women enjoy working to do this with their hands. Others find it more pleasant to use a concealer brush or a makeup sponge. This is just what you prefer to use.


Do you still need advice?

Do you still need advice on choosing the right concealer color or which product to choose when applying your concealer? Then you can always contact one of our experts in the live chat.