How to use a setting or fixing spray

Make-up that stays put all day long, how great does that sound? Sounds great, and it is. With a setting spray, you can ensure that your perfect make-up look lasts all evening.

When to use a setting spray?

Applying the fixing spray is the very last step in your make-up routine. The fixing spray ensures that your look will survive heat, rain, and sweat without smudging, fading, or looking too powdery. You set your makeup look so that it stays where it needs to.

Keep your distance from your face!

Once you spray it gently over your face from a distance of about 20 cm, it forms a protective layer on your face. It is not necessary to spray too much on your face. It is essential to keep a reasonable distance for the best effect.

Which setting spray should I choose?

There are different types of fixing sprays, and you must choose the one that suits you best. Before buying a fixing spray, make sure you know what kind of skin you have. In our blog post, how do I know what my skin type is, we explain how you can find out what type you have.

For oily skin, the Nyx Professional Makeup Setting Spray Matte is suitable. This setting spray provides a matt finish. In addition to fixing your makeup, this setting spray also absorbs excess oil from the skin.

Do you have dry skin? Then go for a fixing spray that hydrates your skin. The Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray 100ml is a good choice.

Setting sprays with that little bit of extra.

You can also choose a fixing spray that enhances the effect of your make-up. For example, if you want an extra radiant look, you can choose the Shake Fix Glow Spray by Catrice. This setting spray gives your look just that little bit of extra glow.

Sports and Makeup

You can opt for an extra extreme setting spray when you're going for a run or a night out with friends. The Wet 'n Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray Seal the Deal ensures that your look remains perfect for a very long time.

If you want to know more about fixing sprays, check out Boozyshop. You can also always contact our Boozy team in the live chat for personal advice.