How to prevent ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs: how to prevent them

Unfortunately, we all suffer from ingrown hairs. Have you just shaved and your skin is baby soft again, do you see a small inflammation the next day due to an ingrown hair, sucks! Ingrown hairs occur in places where the hairs are thicker and stiffer, such as in the pubic area, armpits and on your legs. Prevention is better than cure, so how does an ingrown hair actually develop?

You usually suffer from ingrown hairs because:

You shave wrong. Sounds crazy, wrong shaving, but it really is possible! When you shave against the grain, you not only achieve a smoother result, but you also increase the risk of infections under the skin. By cutting your hairs shorter, they are more likely to become trapped under the skin, creating an ingrown hair.

Your razor is blunt. A blunt razor ensures that your hair is not cut off as intended, but that it is pulled out of the hair follicle. This increases the chance that your hairs will break off, leaving them under your skin and not growing out properly.

You don't exfoliate regularly. When you don't exfoliate your skin enough, dead skin cells build up, closing your pores. The hair can no longer grow out, leaving it under your skin and causing inflammation.

Remove an ingrown hair

An ingrown hair is never fun. The inflammation often feels burning and painful and you would prefer to remove it. Squeezing out often seems the best solution, but nothing could be further from the truth. Squeezing an ingrown hair can cause scarring and/or damaged skin. But, what can you do to prevent ingrown hairs in the future? We have tips!

Step 1 : Scrub, scrub, scrub. We recommend exfoliating your skin once or twice a week with a mild body scrub to remove dead skin cells. Not only will your skin feel softer, but shaving will also be easier.

Step 2 : Cleanse your skin well before shaving. This ensures that unwanted bacteria are removed, making your skin less likely to irritate. For example, you can use the Australian Bodycare Intim Wash for this; this body wash is not only suitable for your intimate area, but can also be used on other parts.

Step 3 : Use the correct shaving materials. A good shaving gel is the basis of a beautiful smooth skin without ingrown hairs. The Australian Bodycare Intim Shave is a shaving gel that is rich in Tea Tree Oil, which prevents inflammation such as red bumps and razor burn. In addition, use a clean and sharp razor and shave with the hair growth.

Step 4 : Done shaving? Take care of your skin with an aftershave balm. The Australian Bodycare Intim Balm cares for and moisturizes your skin after shaving, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and inflammation.

Any questions? We are happy to help you!

Ingrown hairs are annoying, but hopefully the above tips will get you a long way. Do you have any questions about ingrown hairs, or about the products from this blog? Then contact us via the live chat and we will be happy to advise you!

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