How long does self-tanner last?

Every woman uses it, or has already used it; self tanner . But how long does this actually last and how can you ensure that your fake tan stays beautiful for as long as possible?

Self-tanner, how and why?

Self-tanner comes in many forms such as mousse , lotion and spray . One self-tanner has a color indicator while the other applies transparently and develops further within a few hours. We have self tanners for your body , but also special ones for your face .

With self-tanner you give the top layer of your skin a color. Unfortunately, this tan is temporary, but you can take steps to keep your fake tan as long as possible and keep it beautiful.

On average, a fake tan lasts about 7 days, because after 7 days the top layer of your skin is replaced by a new layer of skin. You don't notice it, but your skin is constantly renewing itself.

That's why it's so important to exfoliate before applying self-tanner. This way you can be sure that you have a 'fresh' layer of skin and that your self-tanner does not adhere to skin cells that peel off again within a few days. Also, be sure to shave your legs before using self-tanner. This way you prevent stains and your self-tanner applies nicely evenly.

Smear, smear, smear

When you ensure that your skin is well hydrated, you ensure that the cells in your skin also remain beautiful for longer and are less likely to detach. By pampering yourself every day and applying your favorite body lotion, you extend the wearing time of your fake tan. Super nice and a good excuse for a moment of ME time every day!

The more often you shower, the faster your tan will fade. During washing and drying, you unwittingly remove a layer from your skin. To keep your tan as beautiful as possible, we recommend that you reapply it regularly. This way your sunkissed glow is maintained and even.