How do I camouflage a pimple?

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with clear skin. We are all familiar with the stress of an emerging pimple. Bless your makeup, because with this you can just look flawless! Below is a description of how you can best camouflage your pimple!

day cream

To start with, a good day cream is always recommended. Whether you want to get rid of a pimple or apply your regular make-up. It is a good primer and it protects the skin.

So, start your routine with a day cream!

green concealer

Start with green concealer. You want a color that takes away the redness of the pimple. You do this by choosing a complementary color. These are two different colors that are the opposite of each other. So with red it is green. Try not to apply the layer too thick. It is better to build it up carefully layer by layer.

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Normal concealer

After you've applied the green concealer, it's time for your normal concealer. Try using a firm, matte concealer. You apply this on top of the green concealer. If you use a concealer stick, first apply the concealer to a brush. If you apply the concealer stick directly to the pimple, you can easily wipe the green concealer away. It is also more hygienic to use a brush first, especially with inflammation! Make sure the concealer is well blended. Not only on the pimple itself, but also the edges around it. Allow the concealer to smoothly blend into the skin. When applying the concealer, try to swipe the product on all sides. Because it is a bump, it stands out when you only swipe in one direction.


If you want to use foundation, you can now apply it over the green and the normal concealer. Again, be careful with the pimples and try to wipe lightly from multiple sides again.

setting powder

And now one of the most important steps, namely setting powder! Of course you don't want your hard work to be lost and you see the pimple again within an hour. Because a pimple is an inflammation, it means that the spot is warm. This makes everything move easily. By choosing a firm matte concealer you partially prevent this, but a setting powder is very important to fix it completely.

Try pressing the setting powder a little on the pimple. If you then have a white dot on your face, you can wipe it away with a brush. NB! Use the softest brush you have and wipe very lightly and gently. If you also want to powder the rest of your face because your face cream or your foundation is too shiny, try not to do this too vigorously.


If you want to apply another highlighter, make sure it is not near the pimple! Highlighter reflects the light. So if this comes to your pimple, he is in the spotlight!

And you're done! Before you know it, your pimples will be gone!