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Self Tan Mousse Ultra Dark

Make A Difference

Vegan Tan has only been around since 2021 but their goal is clear, they want to make a real impact on the world by giving back to the planet with every product they make. Not only do they make an affordable self-tanner, but it is also vegan and has sustainable packaging. The formula contains no less than 95% natural ingredients instead of synthetic ingredients. In this way they want to help customers make the right choice, not only for their skin, but also for the environment.

Plastic Negative

From day 1, Vegan Tan has had a plastic negative vision. All packaging consists of plastic that has been collected from the ocean and a sugar polymer. This makes it seem as if the bottles are made of single-use plastic, but nothing could be further from the truth. In addition, Vegan Tan ensures that for every bottle of self tan they sell, 1 LB of plastic, that is almost half a kilo, is taken from the ocean and recycled.

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