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This beautiful brand was founded in 2015 by Shaina Azad. After having had several jobs, including as a makeup artist, she started developing products and after experimenting for a while there was SUVA! Shaina was born and raised in the Fiji Islands, the capital: Suva has been her great inspiration.

Just like the Fiji Islands, Suva stands for: lush, lively and creative! What the two have in common even more is that they put everyone in a good mood and bring out the creative part in you.

Suva stands for bright and bold colours, imaginative, fun and innovative!

SUVA is for everyone

Suva brings out the creative in every person, because of the fine and easy products everyone can use SUVA and go wild in his/her own way. Suva helps people express their personal style and creativity. The Suva products are also for everyone, the colors match beautifully with every skin!

Which product is right for me?

Everything! Because all products are super easy to use, everyone can become a true artist with this beautiful makeup! You can start calmly with a fine eyeliner in a basic color such as the SUVA Beauty Hydra Liner Grease, a beautiful black eyeliner that you activate by means of water! Or are you going for a more shiny look? Then take the Gold Digger Liner, a beautiful liner in a gold jacket!

Prefer a super cool eyeshadow? Even then SUVA is there for you! With the SUVA Beauty We Make Rainbows Jealous Palette you can even make the rainbow jealous of this color explosion. Top off your look with the beautiful Toppers Palette and you're ready to go!

Easy ordering

Are you still unsure which product suits you best? No problem, the make up artists from Boozyshop are there to help you! If you have any questions, just click on the chat, they will be happy to help you.

Can you make your choice and your shopping cart is completely filled? Then you can pay easily and securely. Did you order for more than 30 euros? Then you can choose a free gift in our gift system! If those aren't great reasons to order SUVA Beauty...