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Sugar Coated

Are you all done with unattractive hairs? Then the Sugar Coated products are highly recommended. At Sugar Coated you will find the perfect products for hair removal. Sugar Coated is the future of hair removal. They offer an alternative to resins. Waxing is often painful, the Sugar Coated hair removal treatment is gentle on the skin and also good for the environment. All strips are reusable, which makes them very environmentally friendly. So say goodbye to those sticky wax strips and the burning creams.

The wide range of Sugar Coated

At Boozyshop we sell a wide range of Sugar Coated. There is one kit for every area that you can or want to wax. When you have decided which place you want to depilate, the choice is quickly made. You then choose the kit that is specifically suitable for that area. Depilation is therefore completely painless with this kit.

The Sugar Coated Talk and the Sugar Coated Mist

Sugar Coated has 2 important products that should not be missing from your stash during hair removal. Use the Sugar Coated Talk before you start hair removal and use the Sugar Coated Mist after you finish hair removal.

Applying the sugar wax

When applying, it is important to make sure the area is free of moisturizing creams or oils. If necessary, you can pollinate the area by using the Sugarcoated Talk. Put the wax in the microwave for 40 seconds. Then spread the wax over your skin with a spatula. Then gently push the strip into the wax. Now hold the skin tight and pull the strip away from your skin with a nice smooth movement. The end result is a super beautiful silky soft and smooth skin. Finally, apply the Sugarcoated Mist for an even softer result.

Do not hesitate any longer and order one of the Sugar Coated products at Boozyshop

Are you convinced and would you like to try one of Sugar Coated's hair removal products? When you order for 30 euros or more, you will receive a free gift of your choice with your order.