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Skinny Dip London

Skinny Dip London Ocean Breeze Washbag
Skinny Dip London Pink Flocked Shell Hair Brush
Skinny Dip London Silver Glitter Shell Hair Brush
Skinny Dip London Poser Make Up Bag

Skinny Dip London

Are you hip, cheeky and a bit cocky? Then Skinny Dip London is the perfect brand for you! The lifestyle brand has its own - pronounced - character and let it come to the fore in popular items such as make-up bags! With Skinny Dip London you make the statement that you are not average, you dare to be yourself and show it too! And you can, because both you and your Skinny Dip London make-up bags can be seen.

What about Skinny Dip London

Skinny Dip London was set up in 2011 by Lewis Blitz and the brothers James and Richard Gold. In the few years that they exist they have managed to make deals with more than 100 sales outlets. The design team works daily on the development of new and exciting products, so that the range is always refreshing and up to date.

Skinny Dip London is a young and fresh brand that is not afraid to make a statement. This is reflected in the texts processed on the products and the colors that are used. Skinny Dip London stands out, the make-up bags are real eye catchers that can be seen! A fashion statement that makes you happy.

Skinny Dip London range

Your make-up must of course be stored and transported in style. That is why the assortment of Skinny Dip London contains a lot of make-up bags! All with a unique design, from a little crazy to very sweet. Whatever your personal style, there is always a Skinny Dip London make-up bag that will make you happy! In addition to the make-up bags, Skinny Dip London also offers a variety of make-up accessories in the range, such as eyelash curlers and make-up mirrors. You can not miss that!

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