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RevitaLash Advanced Wimperserum
RevitaLash Advanced Wenkbrauwserum


Can you already imagine? That you have super long eyelashes and full eyebrows that everyone is jealous of? What used to be a dream that and was far from reality, is now a wish that can come true! Because the growth promotions of RevitaLash are not for nothing the most famous serums in the world! The serum is used by many A-lister and influencer. You can not stay behind? Discover everything about RevitaLash now!

What about RevitaLash?

Michael Brinkenhoff stood with his back against the wall when his wife Gayle had to undergo intensive chemotherapies. He could not make her better, but tried to give her something so that the damage to her body was not all-encompassing. The lashes of Gayle were affected by the chemo. Michael, who is an ophthalmologist, therefore developed a serum, especially for his wife, to feed her eyelashes. Michael's serum worked and formed the start for RevitaLash; a brand where growth events are central. The formula he has made for Gayle, he and a group of talented cosmetic scientists have improved to the serums we know today as one of the best eyelash serums in the world!

RevitaLash range

The assortment of RevitaLash consists of two different product lines: eyelash serums and eyebrow serums. With these two items you can create a super nice and full look! You only need very little of the serum, so you can do the products for a long time. The RevitaLash range has been at the top of the eyelash and eyebrow serums for years, and that is with a reason!

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