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Sustainable Cotton Buffing Glove
Planet Revolution

Planet Revolution

We all think about ourselves: we use beautiful makeup and good skincare to ensure that we look tip-top for the day. But, wouldn't it be good to pay a little (more) attention to the environment? Planet Revolution thought so too and that's why they combined the best of both worlds: sustainable, high-quality make-up and skin care!

Good for you, good for the environment

Planet Revolution has thought carefully about how they can make makeup and skin care sustainable, thereby minimizing the environmental impact. Think of plastic-free packaging of the Planet Revolution Revolutionary Eyeshadow Palettes that are made of bamboo. You can easily remove the mirror from the palette, so you can recycle it properly. But the packaging of the Planet Revolution The Clean Hydration Make Up Serum is also made of recycled glass.

Makeup, skincare and also... accessories!

To make a more sustainable lifestyle as easy as possible, Planet Revolution has useful accessories for you. Because what a shame it would be if you do your best with recycling, while you throw away a large amount of cotton pads and swabs every day? Exactly, that's a shame! So choose the Planet Revolution Wash Away Pads and the Planet Revolution Reusable Beauty Buds and you will notice that you have a lot less waste.

And speaking of waste… unfortunately that cannot be completely avoided. But even Planet Revolution has the answer to that: a super cute trash can for the bathroom, with which you can easily separate your waste and thus recycle it. Not only nice for your bathroom, but also in the kitchen or at your office, this pink container is perfect for you!

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Oh yes, are you convinced that you are going to take the first steps towards a more sustainable life? We are proud! Order your Planet Revolution make-up, skin care or accessories before 20:00 and you will have your new goodies at home the next working day. If you shop for more than €35, you can choose an extra gift, woohoo!

Are these not enough reasons to shop the beautiful Planet Revolution collection NOW? We thought so!