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Ofra Cosmetics

Ofra Cosmetics is a high quality make-up brand that is well known for exclusively using the best ingredients. The Ofra Cosmetics target market is extremely broad. Both ladies who are more likely to use make-up occasionally as well as true professionals will be convinced of this brand’s unique advantages. Are you a professional make-up specialist who is looking for products that your customers will be sure to appreciate? If so, taking advantage of the many options offered by the Ofra cosmetics range is an absolute must.

The origin of the brand

The Ofra cosmetics brand was founded in 1979 when beauty therapist and make-up artist Ofra Gaito decided to enter the beauty industry. It was Gaito together with her husband who initiated their totally individual line of products in the field of skin care and make-up. Nowadays the Ofra cosmetics brand is particularly well-known within the beauty world and is also very reputable among many beauty gurus. All of these factors immediately highlight that, by choosing products by Ofra cosmetics you will always be able to count on getting the absolute cream of the crop.

Truly long-lasting beautiful lips

Different products from the Ofra cosmetics range have made sure that they have become an absolute topper in the beauty world over the years. Their so-called long lasting liquid lipsticks are without doubt the most popular. These liquid lipsticks are known for their matte finish and also because they provide your lips with definitely excellent coverage. Add to this that you will have no problems with any feathering and you will already have enough good reasons to choose and order these liquid lipsticks straight away.

Ofra Cosmetics lipsticks selection

The liquid lipsticks by Ofra cosmetics have a creamy as well as soft structure. They also moisturise your lips in combination with having a long-lasting lipstick effect. This ensures that you will never need to worry throughout the day, your lips will always look perfect. What’s more, you do not need to use a lip liner with the Ofra cosmetics liquid lipsticks to get a perfectly finished edge. The standard finish of liquid lipsticks by Ofra cosmetics is a matte look. You can optionally choose to add shine with the revolutionary OFRA Lip gloss Stick. This lets you achieve your desired look in any circumstances and without any problems.

Other Ofra Cosmetics items

It goes without saying that the Ofra cosmetics liquid lipsticks are not nearly the only items that are worth ordering. For example, what about the OFRA Silicone Primer Gel that ensures an excellent basis? Or maybe you are looking for a fine powder to set your foundation or for touching up during the day? In that case, you will discover that the OFRA Pressed Powder will also meet all of your expectations without any problems at all.

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