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NailPerfect Upvoted

NailPerfect Upvoted is a Dutch nail polish brand that every beauty fan should know! NailPerfect Upvoted is part of the well-known nail brand NailPerfect. This brand is made for nail stylists by nail stylists and contains products of the highest quality.

NailPerfect Upvoted has a huge range of professional products that make it possible to create the most beautiful manicure at home and save a lot of time! This is of course not only great for our home, but these polishes are also ideal for salons!

NailPerfect Upvoted Rubber Up

The NailPerfect Upvoted Rubber Up is a base that strengthens and smoothens your nails. With NailPerfect Upvoted Rubber Up you don't have to leave the house for a professional manicure!

You can wear this Rubber Up on its own, but the polish also works ideally as a base color to make your gel polish well opaque. The Rubber Up from NailPerfect Upvoted has a gel base and will therefore cure under a UV/LED lamp.

NailPerfect Upvoted Soak Off Gelpolish

The NailPerfect Upvoted Soak Off Gelpolish is a beautiful gel polish, available in many amazing colors! This NailPerfect Upvoted Soak Off Gelpolish lasts up to 6 weeks and ensures that your nails grow stronger and longer. You can wear this Soak Off Gelpolish over a regular base or over the Rubber Up for extra good coverage of the color.

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Of course you buy NailPerfect Upvoted's fabulous nail polish online at Boozyshop! Have questions about certain products, or not sure which product suits you best? Speak to us in the chat and we'll be happy to help you out!