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Effective masks, eye patches, but also your lips are not lacking at Masquebar! Once started and become known in Korea, but now grown as an indispensable beauty brand. Whether you are in a hurry or just want to relax for an extra long time: Masquebar has the solution for you.

Masquebar works for you

A busy schedule with little time for yourself, or a relaxed Sunday on the couch? At Masquebar there is a great skincare solution for both moments. Choose a mask or set of eye patches that only take a few minutes to absorb, or choose one that you can take your time with.

Simple and effective

No more hassle with dirty fingers or skin care that doesn't work. Masquebar has designed handy patches that are easy to apply and do exactly what they promise. Do some parts of your face need extra attention? That has also been thought of!

Buy Masquebar at Boozyshop

Could your skin use some extra attention and are you ready for a nice mask? Then it's time to order Masquebar! Still unsure which item is right for you? Then contact our customer service: they will be happy to help you.