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Makeup Studio Primer

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Makeup Studio Eye Primer

Makeup Studio Primer

Are you going for a long lasting result? Then of course a primer should not be missing from your beauty stash. A primer ensures that your make-up sticks better, so that it stays in place for a long time and does not stain during the day. Super fine, right? Makeup Studio now has a very fine collection of primers, which guarantee you a look that you can enjoy all day long! Check quickly which Makeup Studio primer would suit you best.

Discover the superfine Makeup Studio Primer range

Have you been working on your make-up look in the morning and you discover that there is nothing to be noticed of that at the end of the day. That's a pity, but with the right primer you can prevent this. Makeup Studio has the Makeup Studio Pre Base primer for your entire look; this nourishing moisturizer gives you an even look and ensures that your foundation sticks well. With the Makeup Studio Eye Primer you get a nude cream primer in your home, which ensures that your eyeshadow stays longer and does not crease during the day. Do you want to enjoy your favorite lipstick longer? Then try the Makeup Studio Lip Primer; this caring formula increases the color intensity of your lipstick and gives you a long lasting finish!

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Slay all day with the Makeup Studio Primers! Because this collection can now be ordered easily and quickly at Boozyshop. You will not only enjoy the best products, but also a lot of other great benefits! If you order for more than € 30, we'll give you a nice surprise with your order! Let's do some shopping, babe!