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Makeup Studio False Lashes

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Makeup Studio False Lashes

Perfect, full lashes are of course the eye-catcher that will attract all the attention. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with endless, full eyelashes. No worries, with fake lashes you can create the same intensity in no time! Makeup Studio has fake eyelashes in different shapes and sizes, so there are always false eyelashes that are perfect for you. Go check it out!

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Say hello to beautiful lashes! In addition to the perfect mascara you can use the Makeup Studio false lashes to strengthen your eye look. The fake lashes from Makeup Studio are lightweight and comfortable, making them feel like they are your own lashes! From a subtle to a dramatic look, Makeup Studio has a large range of fake eyelashes from which you can choose. Do you have no appetite for fake lashes that cover your complete lash line? Then you can also opt for eyelash pieces, where you can decide where you want to accentuate your eyes with eyelash hairs. Makeup Studio has it all!

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We loooove false lashes! The fake eyelashes by Makeup Studio are certainly among our favorites due to their super fine quality. With you too? Order easy and fast false eyelashes from Makeup Studio at Boozyshop! When you order for more than € 30, you get a gift from us from that amount. Time to up your lash game, babe!