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Microfiber Velvet Sponge
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Microfiber Rosé Velvet Sponge

Wide range of Junoco at Boozyshop

Boozyshop has a wide range with Junoco makeup sponges. The sponges come in different colors and shapes.
- The Junoco Microfiber Sponge. This sponge has a sloping side so you can easily apply your favorite foundation and determine the coverage you want yourself. New shape, new technology!
- The Junoco Microfiber Fusion Sponge. A sponge made with a two-layer system. This ensures that the product does not absorb into the sponge, but that it is retained in the top layer. Which allows you to blend the product beautifully seamlessly.
- The Junoco Cloud Sponge. A sponge that feels super soft and is very light. You apply the make-up evenly and seamlessly. Choose natural or full coverage yourself.
- The Junoco Microfiber Lemon Drop Sponge. This makeup sponge has a point. Thanks to this point, you can easily apply your make-up and reach the more difficult spots on your face.
- The Junoco Microfiber Velvet Mini Sponge 2 Pack. This set contains 2 small and powerful velvety soft sponges. Thanks to this small unique size, you can easily reach the most difficult places. Think of the corners of your eyes, sides of your nose and under your eyes.

Maintain your sponge with the Junoco Clean Up Your Act Solid Cleansing Bar

It is important that you maintain your sponge well, you must also clean it regularly. Make sure you replace your sponge about every 3 months, for hygiene reasons. Store the sponge in a well-ventilated place (use the: Boozyshop Makeup Sponge Protector Case). When you clean the sponge, it is best to do this with lukewarm water and the Junoco Clean Up Your Act Solid Cleansing Bar. Hold the makeup sponge with the cleanser under lukewarm water and then squeeze out the moisture. Repeat until the makeup sponge is completely clean.


Junoco is a brand known for its great makeup sponges. The owners of Junoco were already working in the beauty industry before this brand was founded. They saw how the prices of different make-up products kept rising, while the quality was just as good. Junoco was therefore born with the idea of developing and selling innovative and affordable products.

Order your favorite Junoco make up sponge at Boozyshop!

So don't hesitate any longer and order one of the Junoco make-up sponges at Boozyshop. If you order for 30 euros or more, you will receive a nice free gift of your choice with your order. Do you have any questions or need advice about the Junoco sponges? Then you can always contact one of our experts in live chat.