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Yaasss Girlrrrl!

Are you more of a lipgloss kinda girl or do you not like matte liquid lipsticks? Jeffree Star's Got You! You can now also simply shop the best, finest and most intensely pigmented lip glosses here at Boozyshop. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lipgloss is the answer to all your gloss dreams. Whether you're looking for a lip topper or a glossy liquid lip with intense pigment. There is sure to be a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lipgloss for you!

Supreme Gloss or The Gloss?

Here at Boozyshop you will find them both! The Jeffree Star Cosmetics The Gloss gives you a semi transparent glossy look. You can wear this gloss on its own or over your favorite lipstick for an extra special effect.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Supreme Gloss gives you an intensely pigmented color, as you are used to from liquid lipsticks, but with a high shine glossy finish. Juicy lips.. yess please!

The applicator of this glossy lipstick is unique in its kind and has the shape of a rose petal. This closes when you take it out of the tube, so it takes optimal gloss from the tube and you can provide your entire mouth with the perfect color with 1 swipe.

And as always, the packaging is one of a kind and exclusively developed for Jeffree Star, they are real eye-catchers for your makeup table!

Order your Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lipgloss quickly

Make your lipgloss dreams come true at Boozyshop and order your Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lipgloss now! Benefit from fast delivery, gift at €30 and personal advice and add to your Jeffree Star stash!