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The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Concealer immediately catches the eye with the striking and unique packaging. But that is of course not the most important thing, that remains the formula and girrrlll it delivers!
The creamy formula has an intensely high coverage that blends effortlessly into the skin. And with the addition of moisturizing ingredients, fine lines and wrinkles are also tackled immediately.

Bye bye tattoo

The unique Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Concealer consists of 20% pigment and can even cover tattoos without getting cakey. Still looking for the perfect concealer for highlighting or contouring? Stop searching we have your holy grail right here!

Shop your Jeffree Star Cosmetics Concealer at Boozyshop

When you shop your Jeffree Star Cosmetics Concealer at Boozyshop now, you not only benefit from fast delivery, you also receive a nice gift for € 30! And if you're not sure which color matches you perfectly, don't hesitate to contact us in the chat for personal color advice. Hi, how are you?