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iWhite Teeth Whitening

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iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit
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iWhite Teeth Whitening

What about iWhite?

iWhite has been bringing a range of revolutionary whitening products onto the market since 2008. The iWhite products are already available in nearly 50 countries. The purpose of iWhite is to whiten teeth and remove stains on teeth. IWhite products are hydrogen peroxide-free, clinically tested and 100% safe. Thanks to this innovative technology, the white bioactive crystals attach themselves physically to the tooth surface, which leads to an optical bleaching effect. Clinical studies have shown that iWhite is 100% safe for the teeth and that the result is already visible after the first treatment.

Get whiter teeth now for a radiant smile

Nowadays, teeth whitening is incredibly popular and everyone wants whiter teeth. A whiter, clearer smile will make you look radiant and this is also one of the things people first notice when they see you. White teeth make you look better, give you more confidence, it makes you younger and more attractive. That's why women (and men too!) Now opt for tooth whitening treatments. This is becoming easier nowadays. An appointment with a dental hygienist or dentist is no longer necessary, because you can now very easily whiten your teeth at home. Some people naturally have darker teeth than others, but even if you naturally have white teeth, they can become discolored over time by smoking, coffee, tea or red wine, for example. By regularly using iWhite, you prevent a yellow or gray haze on the teeth, so your teeth will look neat and radiant! When you choose iWhite, you will find that it is a safe and effective way to let your teeth shine.

This is how you use iWhite

The results can vary per person and depend on the state and density of your teeth. Clinical research has shown that your teeth can whiten up to 8 shades in just twenty minutes. For best results, it is advised to use the product for five consecutive days. How long you retain the bleaching results depends on your lifestyle and personal oral hygiene. Products such as tobacco, red wine, tea and coffee will cause new discoloration. The whitening treatment of iWhite is completely safe for the gums and teeth, as the products do not contain hydrogen peroxide. In addition, clinical tests have shown no sensitivity.

The advantages of iWhite

  • Your teeth are bleached immediately and the stains on your teeth are actively removed
  • It gives a very soluble calcium source and therefore provides stronger teeth
  • It is very easy to use and does not take much time
  • The products are designed so that both the front and the back of your teeth are bleached.
  • The products are designed to prevent sensitivity of the teeth.
  • Safety has been clinically proven and it does not contain hydrogen peroxide and does not make the teeth and gums sensitive.

Buy your iWhite products at Boozyshop

At Boozyshop we offer quality products that will whiten your teeth quickly and effectively. This ensures that your teeth stay in optimal condition and that you will soon have a radiant white smile. We offer iWhite products for a nice price, so do not wait too long and order your iWhite teeth whitening today!