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Develops and produces 100% plastic-free and natural cosmetic products. The focus of HappySoaps is on developing products of high quality with a fair price and being good for the environment and people. The HappySoaps products consist as much as possible of sustainable and natural ingredients. Because the products are plastic-free, the impact on the environment is greatly minimized and little waste is released and HappySoaps is the proud partner of the Plastic Soup Foundation!


All HappySoaps products are handmade with a huge dose of love in the Netherlands! The products are 100% plastic row, vegan and natural. No plastic is involved in production, transport and even storage. In addition, these care products are free from palm oil and 1 shampoo or conditioner bar equals 3 to 4 plastic shampoo bottles, is it unbelievable ?! And did you know that the Body Bars are even SLS and parabens free? Of course, this brand does not use animal testing and is therefore 100% cruelty free! What are you waiting for? Buy your (first) HappySoaps quickly!

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Are you looking for 100% plastic-free and natural shampoo, conditioner or a wonderful body bar to wash your skin? Then look no further! HappySoaps is the brand you want! 100% recyclable packaging, smells delicious, nice and fair price and good for the environment! Place your order quickly at Boozyshop and as a super nice extra we also give a free gift with orders from € 30! Have fun shopping!