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Hair Blax Hair Elastics

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Hair Blax Hair Elastics

Hair Blax

The beloved hair elastics from Hair Blax

The elastics of Hair Blax are super beloved among the hairdressers. In addition, Hair Blax has won several times the InStyle Best Beauty Buy. Hair Blax originally comes from Japan and originally started as a real musthave among professionals from the United States and Europe. In the meantime, the brand is not only available for professionals, but also for you in the Netherlands here at Boozyshop!

The benefits of Hair Blax

The hair elastics are made of strong material without metal or seams. The fine material ensures that your hair does not break off. The elastics glide through your hair, so you can easily and painlessly remove them. Never again suffer from stretched out elastic bands, because you can stretch the Hair Blax up to 3-4 times without loss of elasticity. The material is also durable and is not affected by hot or cold temperatures. Despite the fact that the elastic bands slide through your hair easily and painlessly, they remain super good. This makes these elastic bands ideal for use during exercise or in the water.

Hairblax now available at Boozyshop

The Hair Blax is available in transparent, gold brown, black and pink. Because of the different colors you always have an elastic band that matches your hair color or outfit. Each set contains eight pieces, enough to always have one at hand. At Boozyshop only hair products are sold of high quality, so that we can make you happy. We have an extensive range of hair bows, so you can always make the perfect choice. Is your order more than 30 euros? Then you can choose a gift. It can not be better anyway ?! Order your Hair Blax at Boozyshop fast!