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G9Skin White In Milk Capsule Eye Cream
€25,99 €19,95
G9Skin White In Creamy Cushion
€29,99 €19,99
G9Skin 3D Volume Gum Mask
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Are you also completely happy with superfine makeup and the ultimate facial care? Say no more, G9Skin is here to save the day! G9Skin is one of our favorite K-Beauty brands, and that is not for nothing. G9Skin knows how to combine beauty and care like no other. What else do you want? Discover now everything about your new go to brand: G9Skin!

What about G9Skin?

The K-Beauty brand offers purification for the skin, which can be seriously polluted as a result of a busy life in the city. The brain behind G9Skin, Cosmelab, was founded in 2006 and has developed over the years into a leading developer of cosmetics and beauty products. Previously, they already earned their spurs in the beauty world with brands such as Berrisom and Skin Garden.

In 2016, G9Skin saw the light of day. Her mission: to become the beauty brand that focuses on the prevention of facial pollution by city air. G9Skin helps to relieve the skin burden by enriching its products with 9 types of complexes for radiant and healthy skin.

  • Guard9: The cosmetics that G9Skin develops is based on protecting the skin against 9 harmful environmental factors: ultraviolet radiation, a dry empty environment by air conditioning and heating, air pollution in the form of waste gases, fine dust and yellow dust, stress in drinking and smoking , the greenhouse effect, an irregular housing pattern, harmful ingredients in cosmetics, wearing too thick a layer of make-up and wrong skincare habits.
  • Good9: G9Skin products are based on 9 key ingredients that help purify and protect the tired skin, so that you have clean and healthy skin in no time. These ingredients are the extracts of lotus, ivy, pineal germ, eucalyptus, oregano leaf, chlorella, hibiscus, chia seed and green tea.
  • Guide9: G9Skin ensures that you get a healthy and beautiful skin, based on the 9 optimized effective guidelines for skin problems they have created: moisture, whitening, anti-wrinkle, nutrition, elasticity, skin purifying, care for sensitive skin , pore care problems and ultraviolet care.

Discover the G9Skin range now

As you can see: G9Skin is the brand that will make you shine again! And not only by care products; G9Skin also offers make-up that contributes to improving the health of your skin. Discover quickly which products are best for you!

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