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City Color Primer & Setting Spray

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Skin Color
Skin Type
City Color Holo Primer Oil
City Color Oil Control Primer Spray
€7,99 €5,99
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City Color Oil Control Matte Setting Spray
€8,99 €5,99
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City Color Shimmer Oil
City Color Oil Control Primer Oil
City Color Matte Setting Spray
€8,99 €5,99

City Color Primer & Setting Spray

The Primer & Setting Spray from City Color Cosmetics ensures that your make-up look stays perfect

Many women want to keep their make-up look as long as possible, which is of course more than logical! That perfect make-up look makes a lot of time and effort. By using such a primer or setting spray you can achieve an incredibly wonderful result that stays nice and long. Are you fed up that your make-up look has disappeared within a few hours? In that case, it is certainly advisable to buy Primer & Setting Spray from City Color! Do you have a question, do you doubt or do you want to turn to professional advice? Feel free to contact the Boozyshop Live chat. We are happy to help you!

This is how you use the Primer & Setting Spray from City Color Cosmetics

Do you want to stand out as never before during that one party and you want to be assured that your look stays in place all night and night? In that case a primer or setting spray is highly recommended. You apply such a Primer & Setting Spray before and/or after you have applied your make-up look. Spray the primer or setting spray on your face before applying your make-up. Keep a distance of 20 to 30 cm to apply the spray over the face. Do not come any closer than this, otherwise you have a chance that your make-up look will be ruined by the liquid spray. Finally, always close your eyes while spraying!

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