makeup sponges

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Boozyshop Complexion Sponge

A professional sponge which you can use for foundation or concealer. With the Complexion Sponge you can apply it perfectly on your face!


Boozyshop Silicone Sponge

The Boozyshop Silicone Sponge is a silicone makeup sponge in the shape of a drop. This sponge is perfect for applying foundation without any waste of product. The shape makes sure you can reach every inch of your face easily.

€4,95 €3,49

Boozyshop Sculpting Sponge

Makeup sponge to contour and create natural shadows.


Boozyshop Blending Sponge

A professional soft makeup sponge for applying and blending your foundation and concealer.


Boozyshop Mini Blending Sponge

super convenient for apply and blend your concealer under the eyes or hard to reach areas.