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Bebella Cosmetics

Skin Color
Bebella Cosmetics Champagne Kisses II
€19,95 €9,95
Bebella Cosmetics Glow Dust Highlighter Palette
Bebella Cosmetics Fairy Dust Highlighter Palette
€28,95 €19,95
Bebella Cosmetics Champagne Kisses I
€19,95 €9,95

Bebella Cosmetics

Bebella Cosmetics surpasses everything and promises the best!

Bebella Cosmetics exceeds all your expectations when it comes to make-up! The great brand has high quality make-up, perfect for the most beautiful make-up looks. Bebella Cosmetics is inspired by the real pro's of make-up artists and developed with great care and love. At the heart of Bebella Cosmetics is the pigmentation, so that promises ...

Esmeralda and Bebella Cosmetics are real sweetheart thieves

Started in 2016 and grown so fast that Bebella Cosmetics can not be left out of the beauty industry. Esmeralda Hernandez is the master brain, CEO, founder, innovator and creator of Beauty Creations. And together with a talented team, Esmeralda puts down a mindblowing collection every time. So Bebella Cosmetics is not only difficult to think away but even impossible to miss! Because not only the products are breathtakingly beautiful, the passion of Esmeralda and what Bebella Cosmetics stands for steals the hearts of many ladies.

From a big dream to reality: your own cosmetics line

Esmeralda grew up in the beauty industry. How fun?! Her successful career started at a very young age. Together with her single mother, Esmeralda worked at the age of 12 in the beauty industry. She was so inspired that Esmeralda, when she was 15, already had her own company! Esmeralda started in the perfume but soon she noticed that her heart was somewhere else. After years in the beauty industry, a big dream has arisen at Esmeralda; her own cosmetics line. A big challenge! But Esmeralda did not take no as an answer and no matter how many doors were closed, she did not give up her dream. And luckily! Because her dream became reality and so Esmeralda made many ladies happy with her beautiful make-up line. Begging for more!

Bebella Babes are beautiful from the outside and inside

Do you want to feel confident, sexy and beautiful? Then Bebella Cosmetics is perfect for you! Because that is exactly what Bebella Cosmetics stands for. The beautiful make-up ensures naturally beautiful looks that make you feel confident, let yourself stand out and give that extra push. Whether you are a make-up artist or occasionally make yourself one, everyone is a Bebella Babe.

Mindblowing pigmentation

The most beautiful palettes are truly true of Bebella Cosmetics! The eyeshadow palettes with as many as 35 shades have different colors, from perfect nude and subtle pink to bright fuchsia and sparkling gold. So there is a perfectly fitting shade for every moment and all skin tones. And the pigmentation ... Mindblowing !! So highly pigmented that the result is guaranteed to be beautiful. But not only the eye shadow has a great pigmentation, the highlighters too! Shine to the moon and back with the radiant glowy highlighters in the breathtakingly beautiful shades of Bebella Cosmetics.

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