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Beauty Blender Micro Mini

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Beauty Blender Micro Mini

Apply concealer perfectly with the Micro Mini Beauty blender

The Beautyblender Micro Mini is an ultra-fine and soft sponge to apply your concealer to your face. With this Beauty Blender it will now be easier to reach hard to reach areas and narrow contours of your face. The unique shape of the sponge ensures a flawless and even complexion and also has an ultimate reach. This sponge will ensure a professional and streak-free result. In addition to concealer, foundation and blush can easily be applied with this Beauty Blender. The ovoid sponge forms perfectly to the contours of your face. Because of the narrower top it is easy to reach hard-to-reach places, such as the nose and the eyes. The wider side can be used for the larger parts of your face. Would you like to turn to professional advice? Please feel free to contact our Boozyshop live chat. This way we can provide you with appropriate advice. Take a quick look at the Micro Mini Beauty Blenders range!

The material of the Micro Mini Beauty Blender

The sponge consists of 100% latex-free material and has a very fine structure. The brand opts for safe, water-soluble dyes that, moreover, are not harmful to the environment and will retain the color of the foam.

This is how you use the Micro Mini Beauty blender

  • Wet the sponge in water.
  • Squeeze out excess fluid from the Beauty Blender.
  • Dab the Beauty Blender Micro Mini in your favorite makeup.
  • Apply the make-up to your face already, blushing, until you have achieved the perfect result.
  • Ready? Let the Beauty Blender dry at room temperature in a well-ventilated and dry room. This prevents the material from sticking.

Note: do not rub! In addition, the Beauty Blender Micro Mini can lose color in the beginning if it becomes moist. This is normal and belongs to the properties of the Beautyblender.

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When you want to optimally apply your make-up products, the use of a Micro Mini Beauty blender is really recommended and it can not be missed in your make-up stash. If you also want to buy such a handy sponge in your home, you will notice that you can make a choice from a wide range at Boozyshop. In addition, these products are also offered with excellent quality. Moreover, there are even more advantages when you buy your make-up products here at Boozyshop! Is the order amount above 30 euros? Lucky you! You will get a nice gift with your order. Do not wait any longer and order today in #MakeupHeaven!