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Beauty Cooler

Beauty Cooler

Beauty Cooler sells super nice mini fridges. But why should you choose a mini fridge? Most normal refrigerators cool around 0°C-3°C, unfortunately this is too cold for some skincare products. Your skincare can freeze or get damaged and this is of course not what you want! The Beauty Cooler cools from 4ºC-10ºC and this is the perfect temperature for your skincare!

What are the benefits of a Beauty cooler?

Having a mini fridge at home has many advantages! Keeping your skincare in a mini fridge keeps them fresh and prevents them from coming into contact with dirt and bacteria. In a mini fridge you can store things such as: masks, face mists, serums, eye cream and skincare tools. By keeping your skincare tools such as a Gua Sha stone or a Rose Quartz Roller in your fridge, you get an extra cooling feeling, aaah so fresh!

It is of course also a big advantage that this fridge is super cute and pink, so you can give your make-up table or bathroom a nice upgrade with a Beauty Cooler :-)

Buy Beauty Cooler at Boozyshop

We at Boozyshop are very excited that the fantastic Beauty Cooler mini fridge is available with us! Do you have any questions about certain things or which products are best to put in your fridge? Talk to us in the chat and we will be happy to help you!