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Bean Body Coffee Scrubs

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Bean Body Coffee Scrub Peppermint
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Bean Body Coffee Scrubs

What about Bean Body?

In Sydney and Melbourne in Australia natural and high quality make-up is appreciated. The young and talented founders of Bean Body believe that you should feel beautiful inside and out. This is why Bean Body was founded. They know that how you feel affects how you look. Your skin and hair are important, because they play a big role for your self-confidence. It was important for the founders to fill an obvious emptiness in the cosmetics market, not only for themselves, but for everyone. Everyone deserves affordable cosmetic products that not only work but also have an excellent quality with the best ingredients. And so Bean Body was born. Bean Body Scrub is perfect to improve your skin imperfections, this natural product also nourishes your skin to make the treated area feel softer and smoother than ever! By combining fair trade coffee beans with an environmentally friendly, clean and certified cosmetic factory, Bean Body offers a product that not only helps your skin but also the world around you. The health-conscious procedures reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. Compared to other cosmetic factories, Bean Body is not tested on animals. They believe in caring for the world we live in, as well as for those who live in it. It makes you feel relaxed, super smooth, sexy and ready to conquer the world!

The caffeine in Bean Body helps reduce cellulite

Are you ready with that cellulite? Then the Bean Body body scrub offers the perfect solution! Caffeine will stimulate blood flow and help reduce cellulitis, eczema, stretch marks, wrinkles, varicose veins and psoriasis. The caffeine counteracts the fat content in your cells and disturbs the activity of a specific enzyme known as phosphodiesterase. Your body uses phosphodiesterase to stop fat breakdown, but caffeine will suppress the phosphodiesterase and thereby burn the adipose tissue deposits that cause cellulite.

Benefits of Bean Body Scrub

  • Skin imperfections are improved.
  • Your skin becomes softer and smoother, already after the first session.
  • Caffeine stimulates blood flow and helps reduce skin imperfections.
  • Coconut oil works moisturizing and moisturizing.
  • Cocoa and vitamin E are high in antioxidants, which nourish and protect the skin and stimulate cell repair and rejuvenation.
  • Bean Body is perfect for exfoliating your skin. Sea salt provides a more intense exfoliation of your skin and is great for removing dead skin cells. Salt is a natural detoxifier that absorbs toxins, leaving your skin clean and healthy.
  • Cane sugar reduces striae, wrinkles and acne. Sugar contains a natural alpha hydroxy acid that is known for its anti-wrinkle effect and moisturizing properties for reducing stretch marks.
  • Cane sugar is also perfect as an exfoliator and useful for reducing acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin problems. It helps to remove bacteria and reveal a beautiful, polished glowing skin.
  • The coconut oil keeps your skin hydrated and the connective tissues strong, improving the moisture retention of the skin.
  • Bean Body helps to soothe skin irritations, maintain your tan and prevent wrinkles by removing dirt and dead skin cells.
  • Cocoa is high in antioxidants and vitamins like magnesium and vitamin C, which nourish and protect the skin. In addition, cocoa consists of omega 6 fatty acids and enzymes that promote cellular healing, cell recovery and rejuvenation.
  • All ingredients are natural and not tested on animals.
  • Bean Body is a natural scrub made from ingredients that come from the earth.

This is how you use Bean Body Scrub

  • Avoid your eyes. If you come into contact with your eyes, rinse thoroughly and do not rub your eyes. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention immediately.
  • All good things start in the shower, so get law!
  • Rub a handful of the scrub in circular motions over your body.
  • Pay extra attention to the problem areas on your skin.
  • Let it dry for five minutes and then rinse.

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