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You create the most beautiful and longest lip look with a lip primer

Many ladies can not live without a make-up primer. Your make-up look stays beautiful all day without worrying about what you look like. A dream that came true! But unfortunately a make-up primer does not work for your entire make-up look ... Unfortunately, you do have to update your lipstick. Until now! Boozyshop has different lip primers in its range. Perfect to keep your lipstick beautiful for as long as possible. How wonderful is that ?!

The perfect base for your favorite lipstick

The very best basis for your lipstick is a lip primer. With a lip primer you prevent the fading or staining of your lipstick and you extend the wearing time. Another plus: you also extend the life of your favorite lipstick! Because you have to update your lip look less often, your favorite will last longer.

Lipstick and lip primer = a golden duo

A good lip primer not only keeps your lip look longer but also ensures a nicer lip look! The primer gives you smooth, even lips that are perfect to apply every lipstick effortlessly. A lip primer also gives your lipstick a more intense color which guarantees a wonderful result. From soft nude and subtle pink to sexy red to exciting bordeaux, every color is at its best with a lip primer.

The most smooth lips with a beautiful, healthy glow

Most lip primers also have another property. Because these not only ensure your lip look, they also transform your lips completely. Fine lines, wrinkles, small imperfections and cracks are no longer visible and you have the smoothest and softest lips ever. The moisturizing property of lip primers often has a deep effect. And just like a cream that moisturises your skin with a deep effect and provides a radiant shine, lip primers do that too! Your lips are nice and healthy and that certainly radiates. It is almost a shame to hide that beautiful healthy glow under a lipstick. Indeed, almost! Because a lip primer with lipstick definitely wins this battle.

Order your new lip primer quickly and easily at Boozyshop

Buying a lip primer online? You do that at Boozyshop! Because the lip primers from Boozyshop are of the best quality, have the most fun price and fit exactly to your needs. Do not know exactly which lip primer fits your needs? Boozyshop her make-up artist in the chat would love to help you! Talk to her for a while and your new favorite is also found in no time.