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What is K Beauty?

K Beauty is the umbrella term for skin care products that originate from South Korea. In Korea, there is a philosophy about skin care and the secret to radiant, glowy skin without blemishes. But you have to pay something for that, a K beauty ritual is not just a cleanser and moisturizer and go. No, most Korean beauty rituals consist of at least ten steps. From double cleaning your face to applying various toners, serums and creams.

Step 4: Essence

Step 4 of the K beauty routine is Essence, but what is essence anyway? An essence is a kind of serum, but it is not quite the same. An essence is more lightweight and less concentrated than a serum. Ultimately, the effect of an essence is comparable to a serum and vice versa. If you prefer to use 2 different serums than an essence and a serum, this is possible without any problems.

Not a new trend but a real hype!

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