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Hand soap

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Main Ingredient
NEQI Hand Soap Foam
Makeup Revolution Aloe Vera Hand Cleansing Spray
€6,95 €5,56
HappySoaps Happy Mini Travel and Toilet Soaps
Revuele Liquid Soap Tea Tree
€2,95 €1,95

Hand soap

Hand soap

It is important for you and your hygiene to wash your hands often with soap. Soap has been used for over five thousand years. In the past, soap was made from ash and charcoal, until a new product called 'alkali' was added to their soap in France. Thanks to that product, a lot of soap could be produced at the same time. This ensured that soap went from a luxury product to an everyday cleaning cleaner.

Liquid soap

Liquid soap mainly consists of water. Only water often limits the shelf life of certain products. As a result, various preservatives are added to soap. This allows you to store your soap a lot longer.

The different scents

Soap is available in different scents. Do you like a sweet soft scent or do you prefer an extremely fresh one? One thing is certain: at Boozyshop you will definitely find one that suits you and your hands.

How should you wash your hands well?

First wet your hands with water. Then take a little soap and rub well in your hands until the soap has spread all over your hands. Do not forget your fingertips, wrists and between your fingers! Then rinse the soap carefully with running water. Finally, it is important that you dry your hands well.

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