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Bath Bombs

I Heart Revolution x Cocoa Pebbles Bath Crystals
€7,95 €4,77
W7 Cosmetics Happy Hemp Sativa Soak Bath Bomb
I Heart Revolution x Fruity Pebbles Bath Crystals
€7,95 €4,77
I Heart Revolution x ELF Snow Ball Bath Fizzers
€7,95 €4,77
I Heart Revolution x ELF Bath Drizzle
€6,95 €4,17
Makeup Revolution Bathed In Light Collection
€18,95 €14,95

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs ensure a party!

Did you know that at Boozyshop you can not only shop make up and care products but also Bath Bombs? Relax and unwind in the bath with bath salts, effervescent ball or a wonderful bath gel. Do you like to just relax in the bath but do you miss some color in the water? Then check out all the Bath Bombs in the Boozyshop range and the next time you take a bath will be a real party!

Different scents and colors

A Bath Bomb often not only provides a tan in the bath but also a wonderful scent. For example, Boozyshop has Bath Bombs with different scents such as Chocolate, Lavender, Mint, Orange, Peach, Rose, Vanilla. But also many other scents. The range is very wide so that you can shop different Bath Bombs! We know for sure that there is a scent for you.

Chocolate & Donuts for the bath

The nice thing about the bath accessories at Boozyshop is that they not only smell wonderful and are nice for the skin, but also look super cute. Who doesn't want a bat bomb in the form of a chocolate bar or donut. Or would you prefer colorful spaghetti in the most cheerful colors? If you prefer to go on a romantic tour and fill your bath with hearts, then we have good news because we also have those in our range. Prefer glitter glamor in your bath? Then go for our unicorn variants, success guaranteed!

Buy Bath Bombs at Boozyshop

After reading the above text, we know for sure. You too now want a party in the bath! Quickly shop the Bath Bombs at Boozyshop and your bath will look colored! Prefer the products first before you pay them? Then choose the afterpay option and you have 14 days to pay for the products. Have fun shopping!