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Mouth caps

You can easily order Mouth caps online at Boozyshop, the makeup webshop!
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Mouth caps

Buy reusable mouth masks online

Wearing masks: you can hardly escape it. Wearing a face mask reduces the risk of virus spreading, provided the mask is worn correctly. And if we do have to wear a mouth mask, you might as well opt for a beautiful, reusable mask!

How do you wear a mouth mask?

A mouth mask must be worn hygienically to provide proper protection. When buying a mouth mask, pay attention to the dimensions: the mask must fit seamlessly around your nose and mouth. With our products you will find more information about the fit of the mask.

Before putting on a mouth mask, it is important to disinfect your hands with hand gel. You can of course also wash your hands well with soap and water. Then take the mask by the elastics and place it over your nose and mouth in one movement. Do not touch the mask when you are wearing it, this will provide optimal protection.

You take off the mask by removing the elastics from behind your ears. Store the reusable mouth mask carefully, for example in a ziplock bag.

Maintenance of a mouth mask

Reusable masks can be worn several times, but it is important to maintain them properly. You wear a mouth mask for a maximum of three hours in a row, after which you change the mask for a clean one. Reusable face masks can be machine washed. Run the program at 60 ° C so that the mask is clean again.

Do you need several masks per day? Then take a number of extra masks with you in your bag. Because hygiene is very important, it is best to keep the mouth masks in a bag, bag or packaging, so that they do not get dirty in your bag.

Is your mouth mask dirty, broken or too big? Then grab a new one and stop using the old one, so that you can optimally protect yourself and others against viruses.

You can buy mouth masks online at Boozyshop

You can buy reusable mouth masks online at Boozyshop! We have various colors, prints and sizes in our range: there is a choice for everyone. Do you have any questions about wearing mouth masks, or are you unsure about which mask to choose? Talk to us in the chat and we will be happy to help you!

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