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Cotton swabs

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Cotton swabs

You can now shop environmentally friendly cotton buds at Boozyshop

Reusable cotton buds are a real must-have. Cotton swabs are an ideal product in different situations. You can do a lot more with these bars than you would expect at first glance. They are ideal for removing earwax and cleaning your ears, applying a certain ointment or eliminating make-up mistakes easily.

Cotton buds bad for the environment

What you may not have known is that swabs are one of the biggest causes of the plastic soup in the sea. 3 Danish researchers discovered this and they immediately started working on it. With the aim of inventing an alternative with the same functions but also good for the environment. This came up less easily than expected.

The cotton bud with silicone tip!

But after having invented and tested a lot of prototypes, it finally arrived. The cotton swab with silicone tip. This cotton swab is ideal because you can clean the cotton swab super easy thanks to the silicone tip. And because you can easily wash this great alternative, you can continue to reuse it, easy right?

LastSwab swab

When you choose to purchase a LastSwab swab, this is the very last swab you will buy in your life. These cotton buds will last a lifetime. Furthermore, you have two variants within the LastSwab swab collection: the beauty and the basic. The beauty has a fine pointed head with which you can easily update your makeup and the basic with a knobby head to clean your ears easily and quickly. Furthermore, it is available in beautiful cases in different shades. This makes it fun to take with you. ;-)

Reusable cotton swab

These cotton buds are super easy to use. You can reuse the cotton buds by rinsing them with soap and water after use. It is important to dry it thoroughly and then store it in the corresponding storage case. This case is made of biodegradable plastic and is therefore also super durable.

Order this amazing cotton swab at Boozyshop

Do you have any questions about this brilliant cotton swab or need advice? Then you can always go to one of our experts in live chat. If you order for 30 euros or more, you will receive a nice gift with it. Will you help put that terrible plastic pollution in the sea?