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Boozyshop winners

At Boozyshop you can regularly participate in various win actions. This can be by leaving your email address, sharing, or liking a social action or other like & share contest.

Have you participated in one of our contests? Then maybe you are one of the lucky ones. On this page, we share all our winners. 


The winners of 2020 

  • Salma S.
  • Luna S.
  • Kathleen B.
  • Laetitia M.
  • Angela d. G.
  • Iris vd W.
  • Demi H.
  • Charlotte G.
  • Jana S.
  • Quinty B.
  • Laura H.
  • Stephanie vd K.
  • Anne J. T.
  • Ingrid de V.
  • Isabella S.
  • Michelle A.
  • Shelina C. M.
  • Tara B.
  • Gwen H.
  • Fien H.
  • Samira E.