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Tatti Lashes

Luxurious and affordable lashes of a top quality! These fake eyelashes are very popular among many professional makeup artists, but celebrities are crazy about it as well.
Tatti Lashes Human Hair Lashes TL30
Tatti Lashes Human Hair Lashes TL20
Tatti Lashes 3D Brazilian Silk Hair TL25
Tatti Lashes 3D Brazilian Silk Hair TL21
Tatti Lashes 3D Brazilian Silk Hair TL31

Tatti Lashes

About Tatti Lashes

Tatti Lashes was created by bundling the power of two best friends. Both have been working for 10 years in the beauty world and specialized in fake lashes. Once they decided to bring their own brand to the market, Tatti Lashes was born. The aim of both besties was to exude luxury, but the lashes had to be affordable too. And they have certainly succeeded in this mission! These fake eyelashes are very popular among many professional makeup artists and celebrities are crazy about the high quality as well! Tatti Lashes is developing very fast in the fake lash industry and the enormous success is still growing.

Because both friends worked so long in the beauty industry, they both knew that price/quality is very important and they have taken up the challenge. By introducing the brand Tatti Lashes they have given the fake lash market a big boost. Everyone is a fan of these lashes and if you have doubts, just do it! You will be amazed by the high quality and you will amaze others with your beautiful eyelook! And another advantage, these lashes can be used 15-20 times. Yes, you read that right! You get an affordable price, high quality and you can enjoy a breathtaking eyelook several times, reason enough to add these lashes to your stash!

Enough choice!

The assortment of Tatti Lashes is huge! You have a choice of many beautiful designs and for every occasion you can find the perfect eyelash style that suits you. The styles vary from full and fluffy to soft subtle lashes. Are you looking for lashes for every day or just for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a night out, you will definitely find the eyelash style you need!

Human hair lashes or 3D Brazilian lashes

Despite the wide range, we at Boozyshop have chosen to only include the lashes in our range that are 100% cruelty free. So you can choose from lashes made of human hair or lashes made from the highest quality silk. The Human Hair Lashes are ideal for both an everyday look and an evening look. The different styles vary from natural to glamorous. These lashes are made of silk soft super lightweight human hair, are easy to apply and perfect when you want a subtle look or want to strengthen your look. The 3D Brazilian Silk Hair Lashes are soft and lightweight as well, but also very sturdy. These lashes are made of the highest quality silk and therefore look very realistic! A subtle look during the day or a striking look during a night out, with these lashes you look awesome every day!

Order your Tatti eyelashes here today at Boozyshop!

There are different styles of Tatti Lashes available at Boozyshop and you can always count on professional and personal advice. Do you have questions about the use of fake lashes or would you like to know which eyelash style suits you best? Then contact our make-up artists and they will provide suitable advice. So you will find exactly the false eyelashes that meet your expectations. Ordering false eyelashes at Boozyshop brings benefits. Is the order amount above 30 euros? We will send a nice gift with the order. Do not wait any longer and order your fake eyelashes from Tatti Lashes today at Boozyshop!